Walien Army
Jeydon Wale is what many fans like to call a “YouTube Legend”. With over 40,000,000 total video views aside from almost 200,000 subscribers, he is one entertainer loved by thousands. From his very own Hip Hop music and video blogs – to a crazy YouTube character named Hunter, you’ll surely be amused.

Being his supporter is amazing, but actually taking his time to notice me even us the #WalienArmy fb page. All I had to do was ask him to like our page & follow us on twitter & so he did. I’ve been his fan since I was 14 yrs old.   Seen @jeyyounit11 fall & also seen him rise up. I am so proud of him. P.s. Can u like follow me once again twitter seems to not like the fact that we follow each other 😑#walienarmyforlife 👌#walien ~ naniee 💜

So are you! ~naniee

what can you do when you cant remember the last time you were truly happy.

Do what makes u happy! Don’t give up there is always sunshine after it rains! ~naniee

Hey why do people think they are unappealing?? Why does society have to be ugly??

I have no idea. Everyone’s beautiful though


Donate & Message us your name and url, :) 


I have finally set up the place where you can now donate {Any amount, really it doesn’t matter } For Jeydon’s birthday gift. after you donate come to our ask box and tell us you’ve donated, how much { just so we can make sure you actually donated } and leave us your name, url and a suggestion as to when the birthday gift should be and we’ll take a poll after we get a enough money and we’ll also be sending a birthday card with every who donated names and urls on it :) 


Hi fellow Waliens! I know we&#8217;ve been slacking lately, and i apologize.
Jeydon&#8217;s birthday is coming up soon, and I was trying to think of a good, easy simple way of us all to be able to send him something wonderful for his birthday.
Within the next few days i will be setting up a paypal account, then i will be sharing it on here along with Facebook and Twitter. Everyone is free to donate for his present, even if it&#8217;s just an extra dollar you have laying around.
Once you donate, message us and we will write down you&#8217;re name and Tumblr URL, and will be sending all the names and URL&#8217;s of those who pitched in for his gift to him on his birthday.



Jeydon I have seen all you videos and your amazing. Your gorgeous in and out. And from your videos it shows a lot about your self and I love that. And I know what you mean cause I'm the same and I'm also bullied too I'm in 7th grade and I have noticed that no matter what I do I have lost a lot of my friends. But when I come home and I watch your videos every Wednesday it's what makes my day and puts a smile on my face because what you say just makes me feel right. I love you Jeydon <3 ~Carleigh.

You’re extremely nice & sweet, but we’re a fan page, dedicated to him. You should send that to his personal account..


jeydon, you are really and truly amazing. it breaks my heart when I saw the video about you being insecure about yourself. you shouldn't have to be. and like you said were all not alone. so why should you feel you are never be insecure. i am so glad I watched that video. made the world seem so different. taught me a lot. thank you. your amazing. - Tessa.

That’d be supper nice & sweet if you sent that to his person account. This is a fan page, dedicated to him. Sorry..